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My New Approach to Clay

Is your work realistic or abstract?  Good question!

The content or subject matter of my work has usually been recognizable although it has frequently drifted to a more abstract expression so I guess it falls somewhere in between.  The elements of colour, shape and texture form relationships that can move freely in and out of degrees of abstraction and realism.  So while strongly referential, my work is dominated by an aesthetic of shapes, movement and colour relationships.  Content just falls into second place.

"Seek the strongest colour effect possible.  Content is of no importance."      Henri Matisse.

So, with that in mind, in my new series of clay sculptures,  still life and the play of colour lead the way.  Of course, the still life motif can be complex with a tremendous amount of detail.  In this series however, I plan to simplify the subjects, choosing to eliminate specific details and focusing on essentials of forms and blocks of colour.

Plates/bowls are built casually and contain a sequence of shapes and colour relationships shifting between representation and abstraction.  The shapes are loosely carved and simplified to the edge of abstraction. The carving may emulate brush strokes in a reference to painting and glazes ooze and spill as juicy colour.  Colours are deliberately chosen for their relationships and impact and  colour may identify the subject but the scale is ambiguous.

I want this series of 8 or 10 pieces to explore the relationships of surface and form, of representation and abstraction as well as the common ground of painting and sculpture.

The first of the series are drying.  Firing and colour to follow.




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