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After the rain last summer.

Last Summer, suddenly there were thes goegeous peonies in the garden.  I past them on the way to my studio and resisted the temptation to steal just one.  Not my garden but the garden of our condominium... I resolved to photograph them at least.  

The next day when I went to photograph them, it had rained heavily during the night and the heads were heavy with the weight of the rain.  But, the colours were even better in the soft morning light.  I could just see them painted in drippy encaustic.  

I took as many photographs as I coud because I knew the blossoms would not last... certainly not long enough to paint.  Later, resisting the impuse to gather them up and take them to my studio, I  went to the Granville Island Farmer's market and bought some for the studio.  Fragrant and soft, they really are one of my favourite flowers.  The paintings are now on my website.

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