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Alizarin Summer

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Encaustic on Panels

After visiting my studio a few times, Jim and Shelly Reid joined me one morning in my studio to talk about a special painting for their home. Their walls had recently been painted a warm neutral shade so this presented a great opportunity to explore lots of colour suggestions. Size too was a consideration as they had a specific place in their home in mind. As we talked, they mentioned several paintings that they had seen on my web-site. Although this work was sold, the paintings offered suggestions for a direction and colours.
After a little more discussion over coffee and scones, we settled on a diptych of two 18” x 24” panels for a full size of 18” high by 48” wide. They wanted the option of hanging the work approximately 4-6 inches apart or as a single panel. With this in mind, I developed a couple of scale drawings to show how that would work.
We met again to discuss more ideas and colours. Both Shelly and I liked Alizarin...that deep crimson. This was a great starting point and from there, I developed my ideas and went on to paint “Alizarin Summer”. They collected the finished work and Jim expertly hung it. He emailed me that it looked great.