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Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

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Encaustic on cradled panel

Having visited the studio on several occasions, Mary Lou and Paul DuBord had a good idea of a painting that they would like me to paint for them. Their request was for strong colour and they liked the subject, style and strength of colour in my work. They requested a specific size as they had already chosen a particular space in their home.
They were not at first familiar with the medium of encaustic but had heard my explanation in a previous visit and soon saw the inherent qualities of luminosity and the strength of texture possible in encaustic.
After our discussion, I went on to paint three small sketches in gouache on paper laying out the structure and general pattern of the painting I had in mind. When Mary Lou and Paul came into the studio again they had their exact measurements and we were able to make some decisions. Stan Rath built the perfect panel and I started.
When the painting was well laid out I called the Du Bords to come in for a look. I was able to confirm that things were on the right track and I was able to pick up on a few things that they particularly liked about the work so far.
When the painting was finished, they were excited to come in to see it. The best part is that they loved it and took it home that day. It hangs above a beautiful strong marble fireplace and the strength of the colour and texture plays very well.