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High Country Fire

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Encaustic ( beeswax and oils) on panel

Recently, Randy and Alison Bested moved west to live here in Vancouver. Soon, they were delighted to find a great apartment in Downtown Vancouver with wonderful views and they set about making it their home. Randy found his way to my studio here on Granville Island first and after a couple of visits we talked about a painting that he and Alison would like to have in their new home. There was a painting in my studio that was of interest to him but it was simply too big. So, we started to talk about a commissioned piece that would be a perfect fit.
A sketch in gouache came first and Randy was able to email it to Alison who was not yet in Vancouver. They both liked the sketch so we agreed that I would paint it.
Shortly after Alison arrived in Vancouver, they both visited the studio to view the finished painting, and happily, they loved it. High Country Fire now hangs in their lovely apartment..exactly where they wanted it.