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Nous Allons Jouer dans L'ile

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Encaustic ( beeswax and oils) on panel

This work was commissioned for my dear friend Robin Wetmore-Smith and her husband Ian Smith for their fabulous  home in Hudson Quebec. The 300 year old stone home sits on a lovely property on the bank of the river with a view of river grasses and wild flowers.  "Nous Allons Jouer dans L'illes" referrs to a french song taught at school. I grew up in Trois Riviers and we all learned the song at a very early age.  The blue irises in the painting are called flags in Quebec and are the inspiration for the Fleur de Lis of the flag of Quebec. Wood Lilies and river grasses are remeniscent of the rivers edge along the beautiful St Lawerence River.  The painting is 60" x 44" and was painted on a specially constructed panel.  It hangs on a wall between two windows which open up to the garden and the river beyond.